Micro site is a small website, static in nature, and specially developed  to deliver some more specific information about any products or services. Micro websites focus on providing specific information and content and have a call-to-action button in order to increase the website conversion rate. With the increase in conversion rate, website response rate increases, which in turn increase website sales and increase online presence of business.

Advantages of a micro site

Helps in increasing website conversions rate.

It improves the value of the primary domain.

It acts as a sales representative for the company.

It helps in increasing the targeted traffic to the website by ranking well in search engines.

Since it focuses on specific information the user is looking for, microsite increases user loyalty and encourages them to keep coming back to the website.

How do Micro sites different from Corporate Websites?

Micro site fulfills the aim of corporate website in a better way. Micro site is designed with the aim to provide added advantage to a corporate website. These websites focus on providing more specialized information to the end-user. Search engines also love quality content, which satisfies the user’s thirst and micro site completes this need. Moreover, corporate websites are too big to understand and surf, whereas micro sites are easy to navigate and provide highly dedicated content that increase the conversion rate considerably.

Each micro site is hosted on a different IP address so as to appear independent in nature to IP tracing scripts. As a marketing tool, micro sites work in volumes alone. A typical micro site project could use as many as 50-200 websites to drive traffic to the parent website. The number of micro sites deployed for a project depends upon the number of keywords found suitable for a project.

Collectively, micro sites target a large number of keywords. While each website is targeting a handful of keywords, collectively these sites are trying to bring in traffic from a large search base. The key is to retain each site specific to a few targeted keywords (often location or product specific) and not dilute the focus of the content by addressing more keywords.


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