Coming Soon...
Yesterday i was just searching the web and found new Google update named Zebra update. But i found it's not release yet but the online world has been waiting with baited breath for the release of the next black and white monster.

Since the strikes of Panda and Penguin, Panda hit on-site elements. Penguin mainly focused on off-site issues. Zebra is going to focused on social..

Question is What Will The Zebra Update Target?

If you've been creating great content which may be being shared extensively by people on the web, some of which might not be bloggers in your niche, then start looking over your shoulder. The Big G doesn't want anyone messing with their rankings.

If the rumor is valid it will hit social media: New Google Zebra Update Attacks Social Marketing....Be aware

Social media is the big fish of SEO today. Its importance has increasing day by day dramatically over the last few years. It is believed that Google considers social signals to be a strong, natural indication of site authority and uses this in its ranking algorithm. If everyone is talking about your brand or following your profiles on social networking sites like facebook,twitter etc , there’s a good chance that people will want to see your site over your competitors in relevant searches.

People think that if your site is listed on and linked to from lots of website directories, you should rank highly in search. Even Google seemed to share this belief, as directory listings were treated as backlinks beneficial to websites’ link profiles. This once standard SEO technique is now largely worthless, with the links devalued beyond recognition.

So How To Save Website From This Upcoming Update

The best advice is to delete all fake social media accounts, reviews or followers. Encourage genuine engagement and grow your following of real people with real opinions. Keep on top of negative comments about your brand, involve yourself in conversations to resolve any issues as they arise and don’t try to counter negativity with bogus spammy brand glorification.

It's time the social web started cleaning itself up, The Zebra Update is coming...