Penguin Upadate

Aim of latest google Penguin update is to get rid of "Web Spam". Some people says after coming of this update (Penguin) SEO will end.

What is a Search Update?

In simple language update is something change in formula or algorithm that is used to give each webpage a search ranking.From this ranking you get listed on search results pages (SERPs).

When a large update comes out it cause a stir in the SEO communities across the web because due to update a few % will be banished from search results, punished or just drop ranking – though it’s likely just as many will gain from a given update. The Panda Update in 2011 for example downgraded lots of article websites and the worth of the links they gave and so lots of websites lost decent rankings.

Penguin, Google’s Latest Update

On April 24th Google rolled out Penguin, an update

Main aim of this update is just: to removed spam websites which are being used to manipulate search rankings.Now according to penguin update Quality is much more important than quantity.

The idea is sound and has work very well in cutting the web spam seen by many. I saw sites with 50 links saying the same thing at the bottom of a page removed, I saw link directories gone and I saw scraper sites gone for the most part.

  Need To Be Worried?

Google's Penguin updates target websites that use spam tactics to get high rankings on Google. Some of these tactics are cloaking, paid links, and automatically created links (forum profile links, blog comment spam, etc.)

How to save your site from Penguin attack?

The rankings of websites that use white-hat SEO methods will not be affected by algorithm updates that target spammers.If you want to be on the winning side, avoid spam techniques and use white-hat SEO methods that are beneficial to search engines. Do not go building stupid numbers of links on bad websites, crap forums, doing vast amounts of pointless commenting on blogs, buying links etc. But you should build great content, build a great website structure, build good solid links that will last and of course interact with consumers

(Google Panda) Google Panda is an algorithmic change that checks for quality content etc.

(Google Penguin) Penguin Update is a web spam filter that checks for over optimization.

How to recover website from penguin update?

1 A healthy inbound link profile needs to be create. Instead of focusing on a few variations of your keywords, you need to include more natural anchor text links. This includes naked URLs, brand anchors, and universal anchors such as ‘click here’.

2 Google is moving towards rewarding sites with quality content. In depth, well researched posts that offer something insightful to the reader are the future of SEO. Having a solid content marketing plan is key in a post-Penguin world. You need to start thinking less about the search engines, and more about your readers.

3 If you site have been hit by the latest Penguin update, it’s time to take a look at where your links are coming from. If you have any from bad sources, irrelevant sites, and any paid links make sure to remove them. Move forward by only linking on relevant sites, in a natural way.

4 Don't use cloaking technique. If you’ve been cloaking your pages, remove them and focus on generating organic traffic. Each page on your site should be unique, and well written. Avoid being too heavy with your money keywords, and keep your meta tags clear of spam.