Many people searching for the best ways to increase website traffic and even then not get the proper answer.  There are so many internet marketing products out there making endless claims that they will increase your traffic with higher search engine rankings.  The truth about getting website traffic is that you need a very diverse strategy to defeat your competitors. There isn’t one single method that is going to make you an internet millionaire so prepare to learn many methods to increase web traffic to your blogs and sales pages.

Different ways to increase website traffic

If you are trying to achieve success in the internet marketing you will need to outpace your competition and find every source of traffic that is out there.  When you can squeeze more targeted traffic and increase the visitors to your website with a multitude of methods you can come out on top.  One of the best strategies is to use methods that will improve your search engine rankings with SEO as well as drive traffic directly to your site.  Article marketing is an example where you can not only submit your articles for syndication but you’ll also gain valuable backlinks that can improve your search engine rankings for your keywords.

Article Marketing or Submission for Traffic

Using article marketing to increase website traffic is one of the best ways to start out.  Creating original content and then submitting to top  article directories will get increase website traffic with article marketing immediate traffic from the articles and will help your long term strategy to gain better rankings in the search engines.  Make sure to submit to the top article directories that have a high page ranking domain as these will get the most traffic, they get indexed faster, and these articles will give you a more powerful backlink.  By using article marketing to increase website traffic there is definitely strength in numbers.

Social Bookmarking to Increase Website Traffic

Social bookmarking to increase web traffic is an absolute must these days.  The only problem is most internet marketers don’t know how to apply it correctly.  One of the best uses of social bookmarking is not spending all your time bookmarking your main site, but bookmarking your articles and backlinks.  Use social bookmarking to create deep links which will increase the page rank of your articles and backlinks adding more overall SEO power to increase web site traffic.  Social bookmarking is important but don’t get caught up all day bookmarking sites as you will not be making the best usage of your time.

RSS Marketing to Increase Web Traffic

RSS is the most powerful and most underutilized method to increase website traffic.  When most people think of RSS they think of a directory full of submissions that can be Submit RSS Feeds to Increase Website Traffic read.  The benefits of RSS are much more complex if you use it correctly.  RSS can be used to create thousands of backlinks, can be used to create fresh content on your websites, and can be used to create affiliate product feeds mixed with content.  The power of RSS is amazing but and if you neglect it you will be missing out on absolutely enormous potential to make money and increase web traffic using RSS strategies.

Blog  Submissions for Increased Traffic

A really quick way to get quality backlinks is by getting them from blogs.  If you don’t know anyone that is going to let you be a guest author you can use some of the free web traffic services out there like ArticleRanks.  Simply submit your article and they will send it out to blogs giving you 2 backlinks per article.  Submit an article a day and watch your rankings fly up.  I used this system when I was starting out on a low budget and it has proven time and time over to increase website rankings and traffic.  It’s not the easiest system to work with but it’s free so stop complaining and start working.

Blog Commenting to Increase Website Traffic

The ability to leave comments on blogs has made it easier for the average internet marketer to get some quick backlinks.  The only problem is that most people fall into the trap of spending way too much time searching for blogs and doing Google searches looking for blogs that allow dofollow comments.  Using blog comments to increase website traffic is a good strategy but not if it takes up more than 10% of your time.  Go for either high traffic relevant blogs that can give you some immediate traffic or find high PR blog comment pages where you can leave an SEO optimized anchor text.  This will give you an SEO boost but eventually it will lose its juice from other people posting.  Use blog comments to increase website traffic directly and with offsite SEO backlinking.  The best way to get free website traffic with this method is to leave good comments on relevant niche blogs.


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