Panda 4.0 release is rolling out today and we've been seeing signs of major changes and reports of major changes in the Google search results and rankings.

Some are suspecting a massive Penguin update is about to hit, while others think it might be a Panda refresh and others think it is just Google's normal actions on link networks. It is almost impossible to tell without a confirmation from Google, for all we know, it can be all three or more.But Matt Cutt clear in his tweet that Panda 4.0 rolling out today.

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  1. People who used unfair and illegal SEO strategies, like using junk or duplicate content, SPAM content etc. had to suffer due to this new update to Panda. Illegal SEO strategies will no longer yield any results as Google will only index pages based on the popularity and originality of the content of the website. On the other hand, this update will help internet users around the world as they will be redirected to genuine sites where they can get the answers to their queries.