Prominence of keywords is to place at the beginning of sentences and paragraphs your keywords. As with the addition of keywords often, while maintaining the readability of your content, basically put your keywords in the beginning of your content will not work. Should be in your content useful to the prominence of keywords fit the reader and actually flow with the rest of the content it contains.

Keyword Prominence:

Prominence of keywords is an important thing in optimizing a page, fame is a measure of keyword importance that indicates how close a keyword is the beginning of the analyzed page area. If a word is used in the beginning of the title, heading, or in the vicinity of the beginning of the visible text of the page, are deemed more important than the other words. Keyword Prominence is calculated separately for each major area of ​​the page.

Take an example, as the key phrase is "SEO tips" and then look at the examples of possible titles that our pages may provide:

     Tips for SEO –
     SEO tips –

See the above two examples, there you can find the different keyword prominence like.

In the first sentence, the Keyword Prominence should be 70%, while in the second part the role that should be 100%. So hopefully now you understand the concept.