As we all know the importance of Google Page Rank.And for that reason, we all keep an eye on the Google PR update.

On February 4, 2013, latest Google PR update happen. Google Update is currently going on over the web and I have already witnessed some major changes for many of the famous as well as other sites.Generally Google Page Rank happens every 3-4 months, although a bit late this time but of course this was the first update of 2013.

How to increase Google Page Rank

If your PR didn’t increase or change this time, Do not worry. Just focus on the below important things to increase your PR. I am sure next time you will see your PR changed.

  • Unique Content
  • Quality Content
  • Blog Commenting
  • SEO optimized design & content
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Guest Posts

So the first  Update of 2013  is very close and you are thinking to make some more backlinks within days to get High Page Rank . But I think it won’t work . There are various reason that you won’t get any juice from the backlinks you are making in this week . Have a view :-

1. You will make backlinks in bulk as you are crazy behind Higher Page Rank . And that’s what Google calls ” Unnatural Back Links Building ” . So make sure about Quality of Backlinks not Quantity . I would say that this week you should concentrate on writing content then making back links .

2. Suppose you made backlinks this week , it will take some time to get them indexed . Normally Backlinks are indexed by Google after 2 Weeks of creation . But Page Rank Update is so close and you won’t get much profit from these backlinks in this update. However these backlinks will be helpful for Second Page Rank update of 2013 , which will be in the last of the June Month .