ROR means "Resources of a Resource File". ROR file is a XML formatted document that is used for describing the content and structure of a website so that the search engines can better find and understand your site information.

Main benefit of having a ROR File is to simply help the search engines do their job more efficiently. This is a sitemap actually.

ROR sitemaps were created by and the format is managed by and has been around since about late 2004/early 2005. It is based on RSS and XML, but goes beyond the typical RSS or XML feed (yes, RSS is written using XML). The ROR format allows you to describe items such as your web pages in greater detail to more search engines than ever before.

ROR sitemaps combine the detail of Google site maps and the simplicity of RSS sitemaps, then go even further. Using the ROR format, you can turn this 'site feed' into your product feed, an article list, a staff biography sheet, an event listing, and so much more.

There is a simple structure that allows everything in one file or an advanced structure that allows for a central directory file that points to separate files for your ROR sitemap, products, your events calendar, and all of the ROR satellite files. This advanced format makes updating a portion of your ROR feed much easier and allows several different sources for ROR updates.


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