What is Spamming ? 

In the search engine world spam is defined as the manipulation techniques that are used to increase search engine ranking, but violate the search engine's Terms of Service. Each of the major search engines provide specific guidelines describing what webmasters should and should not do to their web pages in order to achieve a better search engine ranking. 

Disadvantages of Spamming

  • A site can end up being dropped from search engines or worse, be permanently banned.
The most common penalty is a lowered ranking while the heaviest penalty is being banned by search engines.

To Prevent Spamming

  • avoid door way pages
    •     avoid redirection
    •     avoid cloaking
    •     avoid hidden links
    •     avoid hidden text
    •     avoid keywords stuffing
    •     avoid page stuffed by irrelevance keywords
    •     avoid duplicate content
    •     avoid unrelated links
    •     avoid intentional misspelling 

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